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Signs of Dyslexia

* Difficulties with reading. Can read a word then fail to recognise it further down the page.
* Difficulties with spelling and can spell the same word differently.
* Poor sequencing skills, order of days of the week, months of the year etc.
* Weak short-term memory and problems processing language at speed.
* Lack of phonological awareness (ability to break down words and recognise separate units of sound and blend)
* Number/letter reversals or poor sense of direction and confusion with left and right.
* Difficulties with Mathematics, especially mental maths and learning and remembering times tables
* Speech and language difficulties or word finding difficulties
* Verbally bright but difficulties getting ideas down on paper. Takes longer to do written work.
* Problems with reading comprehension.
* Difficulty with following and remembering instructions
* Poor organisational skills. Difficulties with time and tense.
* Poor attention and concentration.
* Poor handwriting - Difficulties with fine and gross motor skills (i.e.using knife and fork, swimming)
* Lacks confidence and has a poor self-image.
* Is there anyone in the family with similar difficulties?

If your child is showing a number of these signs then an assessment can help you to understand that there is a genuine reason for their difficulties and this can significantly improve self-confidence and learning ability and enable your child to reach their full educational and vocational potential.

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